Setup Twitch Notifications on Discord

How to setup Twitch notifications in your Discord server

Set up your notification channel

1. Invite the Bot if you haven't already.

2. Create a channel for stream announcements if you haven't already.

3. Configure the bot to send stream notifications to that channel. Example:/twitch add xqc #stream-notifications

4. All done! Sx Bot will automatically post announcements in your Discord whenever the streamer you added goes live on Twitch.

Customize the notification

1. Edit the announcement message that is sent when a streamer goes live with the variables below Example:/twitch edit xqc {EVERYONE} {STREAMER} is just went live playing {GAME}!

Variable nameDescription


The streamers Twitch name


The URL of the streamer.


The Twitch stream's game


The Twitch stream's live viewers


Mentions @everyone in your Discord


Mentions @here in your Discord

2. Test the live notification message. Example:/twitch test xqc

Title Filter & Game Filters

1. Restrict when Sx Bot sends a notification based on the game being played, categories, or keyword in the stream's title. Example: /twitch edit xqc title-filter No Pixel

This is particularly useful for GTA RP/FiveM servers, similar to hasroot, where only streamers who have the keyword in their title will have the notifications displayed.

Stream Cleanup

1. Choose whether to edit or delete the stream message when a stream ends. Example: /twitch edit xqc clean-up edit

When you choose the edit option, the announcement message will be edited to an offline message that shows total stream time, and links to the VOD.

Remove a streamer

1. Remove a streamer from the streamers list. Example:/twitch remove xqc

View the current streamers list

1. Show the current twitch streamers list. Example:/twitch list

Notification Cooldowns

By default, there are no cooldowns on notifications. That means each time you go live, a notification will be sent to the channel. Some users may prefer to put a delay/cooldown in between notifications in case their stream restarts and rather not send another notification. To enable this, use /twitch edit and choose the cooldown option followed by the amount of time such as: 5m for 5 minutes, or 1h for 1 hour. You can also use the format 5 minutes or 1 hour.

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