Create a Giveaway

1. To start a giveaway, type !gstart <time> [winners] [title] [role] [channel] Example: /giveaway start 1h 2 Discord Nitro! @level 20 #giveaways would start 1 hour giveaway for Discord Nitro with 2 winners in channel #giveaway. It would also require all members to have the @level 20 role in order to win.
If you set the required role, the bot will filter out all members who don't have that role. The giveaway may end with no valid entrants due to no one meeting the criteria.
You may use the following duration formations: "m", "h", "d", "w", or "month" 60s,1m,1 minute 24h,1d,1 day 7d,1w,1 week 30d,4w,1 month
2. To re-roll a giveaway, type /giveaway reroll [message id] Example: /giveaway reroll 980656234539663584
3. To end a giveaway, type /giveaway end [message id] Example: /giveaway end 980656234539663584
4. For a list of current giveaways, type /giveaway list
5. To set the giveaway role(The role required to start a giveaway), type /giveaway role Example: /giveaway role @giveaway permissions