Introduction to Notifications

What makes our notifications different?

  • It's extremely fast. You will be notified within 1 minute of a stream starting, making it much faster than other bots providing a similar feature.
  • It's reliable. Our notifications rely on Twitch's latest technology, EventSub, which provide a fast and reliable way of receiving notifications.
  • No duplicates. Our notifications will never send duplicate alerts, unless a streamer goes offline, comes back online, and the cooldown time has exceeded.
  • Full customization. Our notifications are fully customizable. You can edit the messages to your liking, in any language.

How do notifications work?

Sx Bot will sent notifications to your designated notifications channel when a streamer goes live, typically in under 1 minute.
Twitch Stream Alert
By default, you can add 1 streamer for free, or you can upgrade to our basic premium tier, which will allow you have unlimited alerts for $3.00 / month.
To gain unlimited access, sign up on our Patreon. Once you sign up, please contact PKASH#4151 or join our support server to have this enabled.