Kick Alerts - Discord Bot

How to setup Kick Alerts in your Discord server
1. Invite the bot if you haven't already.
2. Configure the bot to send kick alerts to that channel. Example:+kickchannel set #announcements
3. Add a kick streamer to announce. Example:+kickstreamers add adinross
4.[Optional] Send the notification without mentioning @everyone. Example: +kicknoping enable
5.[optional] Customize the message that is sent when a streamer goes live Example: +kickmessage set {HERE} {STREAMER} is now live!
These variables can be used in the message: {STREAMER} = Kick Streamer Username {GAME} = Game/Category Name {URL} = Kick Stream URL {EVERYONE} = Mention @everyone {HERE} = Mention @here
6.[optional] To ping a specific role for notifications Example: +kickmessage set @stream notifications {STREAMER} is now live!
7.[optional] Filter notifications by title name. (Requires filter word to be in stream title) Example: +kicktitlefilter set No Pixel
This is particularly useful for GTA RP/FiveM servers, similar to hasroot, where only streamers who have the keyword in their title will have the notifications sent.
8.[optional] Set a cooldown for the notifications Example: +kickcooldown set 2h
All done! Notifications will be sent within a few seconds of going live!
Last modified 3mo ago