Setup Live Role

How to setup automated streamer roles in your Discord server

1. Create a live role if you haven't already.

2. Configure the bot to the live role you created. Example:/twitch live-role set "Now Live" or "Streaming on Twitch"

Make sure the Sx Bot role is above the live you created and the bot has Manage Roles permissions.

3. Connect a Discord member to a twitch streamer. Example:/twitch discord-member connect User#1234 twitchuser123

That's all! Once this streamer goes live on Twitch, they will automatically receive a live role, and have it removed once streaming has ended.

Setting up the live roles this way is particularly helpful if the streamers in your server are using mobile or IRL streaming, where they aren't connecting to Twitch using OBS. If the majority of your servers are using OBS and have their Twitch accounts linked to their Discord account. You may choose to use our streaming bot Sx Live, which doesn't require individual discord members to be connected to twitch streamers as it will automatically detect anyone in your server who is streaming by their purple "streaming" status.

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