Introduction to Live Role

How to setup streamer live roles in your Discord server

What is live role?

Live Role allows you to promote streamers in your Discord server by allowing them to receive an automatic role that gets added when someone streams on Twitch. We currently support the following two ways:

Option 1) Sx Live will detect their purple "streaming" status and add the configured role when they begin their stream. When they lose the streaming status, Sx Live will remove the live role.

This option is better if you want everyone or a large amount of streamers in your server to receive the live role. This also requires them to connect their Twitch account to Discord, and use OBS. If you prefer this option, you will need to add our live bot called Sx Live. You can invite the bot here.

Option 2) You will connect individual Discord members to a twitch streamer, and Sx Bot will give the configured role when they begin their stream, and remove it when the stream is over.

This option is better if you only have a few streamers who should receive the live role, they stream on mobile, or they don't have their Twitch account connected to Discord. For this option, you can use Sx Bot directly by using the commands:/twitch live-role setand/twitch discord-member connect

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