What does Premium offer?

Sx Bot Premium will unlock some extra features that the free tier does not include. Purchasing premium also helps support development costs, which allow to the bot to stay running and improving.

What do I get with Premium?

Premium will unlock extra customization features in your server. Here is a full of features you will unlock

  • Unlimited streamer notifications (instead of 1)

  • Faster notification times

  • Unlimited streamer roles

  • Filter notifications by stream title for Twitch & Kick

  • Unlimited reaction roles (instead of 5)

  • Hold Unlimited giveaways (instead of 10)

  • Access to reaction logging

  • Access to invite logging

  • Access to custom booster roles

  • Access to our streaming bot, Sx Live

  • Reduced cooldowns on commands

  • Patron-only Discord role and channel

  • Priority on feature requests

  • Early access to new features

How much are the subscriptions?

We have both monthly and yearly subscriptions available, with a 15% discount if you subscribe for an entire year. The tiers start at 3.00 / a month.

How are subscriptions handled?

Payments are handled exclusively through Patreon. This means that subscriptions are all handled by them, and you will never have to share bank or credit card info with Sx Bot directly. Patreon also offers comprehensive support and tools for us that make it easier to give you the easiest experience possible.

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