Twitch Alerts - Discord Bot

Twitch Alerts is a Discord bot that allows to be notified when a streamer goes live on the Twitch platform.

1. Invite the bot if you haven't already.

2. Configure the bot to send twitch alerts to that channel. Example:+twitchchannel set #announcements

3. Add a twitch streamer to announce. Example:+twitchstreamers add xqc

4.[Optional] Send the notification without mentioning @everyone. Example: +twitchnoping enable

5.[optional] Customize the message that is sent when a streamer goes live Example: +twitchmessage set {HERE} {STREAMER} is now live!

These variables can be used in the message: {STREAMER} = Twitch Streamer Username {GAME} = Game/Category Name {URL} = Twitch Stream URL {EVERYONE} = Mention @everyone {HERE} = Mention @here

6.[optional] To ping a specific role for notifications Example: +twitchmessage set @stream notifications {STREAMER} is now live!

7.[optional] Filter notifications by title name. (Requires filter word to be in stream title) Example: +twitchtitlefilter set No Pixel

This is particularly useful for GTA RP/FiveM servers, similar to hasroot, where only streamers who have the keyword in their title will have the notifications sent.

8.[optional] Set a cooldown for the notifications Example: +twitchcooldown set 2h

All done! Notifications will be sent within a few seconds of going live!

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