Add a Reaction Role

How to create reaction roles in your Discord server

1. Add the reaction role Example:/reaction role add @stream notifications

This is the role you want to enable as a reaction role.

2. You will be prompted with a message: Please react to the message you want the reaction on with the emote you want the reaction role to be triggered with.

3. You will now react to the message of your choice with the emoji of your choice.

Congratulations, all done! You should see ✅The reaction role has been added.

4.(Optional) If you would like a list of active reaction roles, use /reaction role show. This will allow you to click and jump directly to the message of the reaction role.

To view a demo on how to setup, please visit the reaction role demo.

You can also use the built-in help guide the bot offers by using /reaction help as seen below.

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