Getting Started

Don't know what to do after inviting Sx Bot to your server? We'll show you how to get started!

You can invite Sx Bot to any server that you have the Manage Server permission in.

  1. You should a Discord prompt, asking you to add the bot to a server.

    • Select your server name in the dropdown, and click Continue.

    • Choose the permissions that you want to give Sx Bot. Click Authorize.

The basics

After inviting Sx Bot, type/help start using the slash command system to get general information about the bot. You can use /commands to view a full list of commands or the commands page on the website.

If Sx Bot's slash commands are not displayed in the menu, make sure the @everyone role has access to "Use Application Commands". Also, check that you don't have more than 50 bots in Server Settings -> Integrations -> Bots and Apps. If you do, you will need to remove a bot and re-authorize Sx Bot by going to and clicking Authorize.

If you've set up the proper permissions, you'll be sent a message just like this one:

Note: If you see an empty message from Sx Bot with buttons, you've most likely turned off embeds in your Discord settings. From your Discord app, go to User Settings -> Text & Images and turn on Show embeds website preview info from links pasted into chat.

Type /commands to view a menu with the bot categories. From here, you can select your category of your choice which will display all commands in that category. Here is an example for the Nitro Boost Tracking category. You can then click on the command link directly to run it.

Most of the main features have their own dedicated help pages within this guide, but you can also use the built-in guides the bot provides as seen below.

/twitch help (for twitch notifications), /boost help (for boost notifications), /invite help (for invite tracking), /reaction help (for reaction roles), and so on.

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