Setup Stream Notifications

1. Connect your Twitch or YouTube account to your Discord account if you haven't already.
User Settings > Connections > Twitch or YouTube
2. Make sure that Streamer Mode is enabled in your user settings.
3. Create a channel for stream announcements if you haven't already.
4. Configure the bot to send stream notifications to that channel. Example:+tchannel set #stream-notifications Example:+ytchannel set #stream-notifications
5. Add individual users in your server for whom the notifications will be sent for. Example:+tstreamers add @user#3214 Example:+ytstreamers add @user#4141
6.[optional] Set a required whitelist role in order to receive notifications. Example:+twhitelist add @Streamer Example:+ytwhitelist add @everyone
7.[optional] Set a cooldown for the notifications Example: +tcooldown set 30m Example: +ytcooldown set 30m
Cooldowns can anywhere from 5m to 8 hours.
8.[optional] Set the live logs channel to keep track of streamers going online/offline. Example: +tlivelogs set #live-logs
9.[optional] If you don't want to mention @everyone and only a specific role when streamers go live. Example: +tpingrole set @stream alerts
10.[optional] Customize your own message for the stream alerts Example: +tmessage set {HERE} {STREAMER} is going live playing {GAME}!
Use the following keys to insert certain information in your messages {STREAMER} = Twitch Username {USER} = Discord Username {USER.TAG} = Discord Tag {GAME} = Game Name {URL} = Twitch URL {EVERYONE} = Mention @everyone {HERE} = Mention @here
All done! The notifications are setup.
For the stream notifications to work, you need to see a purple streaming icon next to member names who are streaming. This shows that Discord recognizes you are live, and the alerts will be sent.
If you prefer to setup the twitch notifications without using your Discord presence and connecting accounts, you can use our mainstream bot Sx Bot and add the twitch channels directly. Please follow the steps here -> Add a Twitch Notification
Stream Icon
If you still need assistance, please join our Discord server.