What is the difference between Sx Bot and Sx Live

Sx Bot is our mainstream bot that provides the majority of features. Sx Live is secondary bot that handles Spotify roles, streaming roles, and notifications for Twitch and YouTube.
For twitch notifications, we highly recommend using Sx Bot, as you can add any channel name, whereas on Sx Live, you can only add streamers who are currently in your Discord server and have linked their Discord account to Twitch or YouTube.
If you are looking for streaming roles, notifications for YouTube, or Spotify roles, Sx Live is the only option, and you will need to invite the bot.
For more information about Sx Live, visit the pages below.

How can I put a cooldown on my notifications?

By default, there are no cooldowns on notifications. That means each time you go live, a notification will be sent to the channel. Some users may prefer to put a delay/cooldown in between notifications in case their stream restarts and rather not send another notification. To enable this, use /twitch cooldowns set followed by the amount of time such as: 5m for 5 minutes, or 1h for 1 hour. You can also use the format 5 minutes or 1 hour.