Introduction to Live Role

What is live role?

Live role is given to members in your server who goes live on Twitch or YouTube. Their names will be hoisted separately in a category of its own. This is useful for promoting certain streamers, or simply just keep track of who goes live in your server.
Hoisted Live Streamers
Stream Live Role
The streaming role will be automatically added to members who go live and removed from a member that are no longer live.
We have dedicated an entire bot our live streaming roles, which is known as Sx Live. To enable these features, you will need to invite the bot.
Note: Sx Live is currently only available as a premium option due to the amount of resources it consumes to keep track of all these events. To sign up and enable these features, visit our Patreon. Once you sign up, please contact PKASH#4151 or join our support server to have this enabled.
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